Food has the power to make us all feel as one. It is a language that embraces everyone, with no judgment or hidden agenda, except to surround you with happiness and love.

I’m Hulya and have 50 years of eating, cooking and growing up surrounded by colourful ingredients and vibrant flavours from the Mediterranean, Middle East and Africa. Not forgetting the crazy, loud Cypriot family heritage to an East London backdrop! It’s been quite a journey!

I’m a professional chef, teacher, writer, occasional TV and Radio personality and self-confessed lover of French butter!

Are you ready to become a great cook & connect with food, yourself & the people you cook for?

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I’m so happy you’ve made it here, you’ll find courses, tips, food advice and more just click on our menu for what you need.

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“The only time to eat diet food is while you’re waiting for the steak to cook.”

Julia Child
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Food has played a huge part in my life from a therapeutic place as much as for enjoyment. When things were tough, cooking was always my salvation.  As a transformational life coach and mindfulness coach, I teach others the ingredients and tools to change their thoughts to change their life.

Want to get cooking?

Kick start your day and cookery journey with my delicious revitalising breakfast recipes – with a Turkish twist of course!

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