7 Top Health Benefits Of Drinking Lemon And Ginger Tea

7 Top Health Benefits Of Drinking Lemon And Ginger Tea

We’ve all been to the supermarket and spotted the herbal tea section growing by the second as we become more attuned to the benefits of infusions and teas for anything from a better night’s sleep to warding off colds and detoxifying our bodies.

It’s widely studied and written about how herbs, flowers, spices and other natural ingredients have many medicinal properties that have been used for centuries and now more and more of us are turning to these holistic medicines to help cure common ailments rather than running straight to the pharmacy or doctors.

One of the most popular teas around is the Lemon and Ginger infusion but have you ever wondered about the health benefits of this combo and why? Well, here’s a list of 7 top health benefits of drinking lemon and ginger tea to inspire you to grab that teapot!

It’s a toilet thing!

Move over builder’s tea and make way for the most natural way to flush out our system. Even though a cup of your humble brew is well known for being a diuretic, which simply means it makes you go for a wee, lemon is a natural diuretic that reduces water retention. It’s great for flushing out the system, especially if you’re feeling rather bloated. Now mix this with Ginger, which is the perfect detoxifier and aids the removal of any unwanted toxins in your body and well, need I say more. You have a powerful combination for really cleansing those insides!

Helps with digestion and kicks that metabolism in to shape!

Ginger’s always been a great way to improve digestion and of course, it works wonders if you’re feeling a bit nauseous. It suppresses your appetite so therefore stopping you from feeling hungry. Now mix this with lemon, which a great way to increase insulin resistance so warding off that sweet tooth, temporarily tightens the stomach so you don’t eat as much if you take it before a meal and also reduces fat in the body. Hey presto, you’ve got a metabolism boosting, calorie busting natural cocktail.  It’s the perfect remedy for anyone looking to kick start a weight loss programme and I’d highly recommend it for maintaining a healthy, balanced diet.

Menopause, Moods and Brain Fog!

Any women in their middle age, and possibly feeling the effects of menopause like I am, will totally get me when I say brain fog! Sometimes that forgetfulness and just simply feeling like we can’t think straight is a common trait so make sure you’ve got an abundance of ginger to hand. It’s well known for having anti-inflammatory properties as well as antioxidant. In a US study for the National Institute of Health on middle aged women, ginger was found to improve memory and cognitive function.

Consuming lemon ginger tea every morning will have significant benefits for your overall brain health and reduce your risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease.

It can also work wonders for mood swings and helps lower your stress levels, making you feel calm and less moody.

No Cold Zone!

Lemon is a citrus fruit as we know and so packed with vitamin C, perfect for boosting your immune system. In fact, a daily dose of citrus like grapefruit and lemons will really keep those colds and flus at bay. It also has anti-bacterial properties so great for infections and a really good drink to have first thing in the morning to freshen breath.

Put together, lemon and ginger tea will shorten your cold, help to avoid sickness and can even protect your body from food poisoning effects.

Liver Cleansing While You Sleep!

It’s so important to take care of our liver since it plays such a vital role in the healthy workings of our body. This includes the cleansing of blood, protein synthesis, digestion of fat and metabolising fats, carbs and proteins. In other words, if you eat loads of junk food and drink too much alcohol you are likely to overwork and stress your liver out.

Drinking lemon and ginger regularly and of course, eating a balanced, healthy diet without too much excess, will keep your liver functions normal and ensure your body is detoxified and cleansed daily. Drink it at night and your liver will cleanse itself while you sleep!

Glowing Skin, Shiny Hair And A Winning Smile!

As it has such cleansing properties, lemon and ginger tea is a perfect coupling to give you a beautiful radiant complexion with smooth and clear skin.  With the essential vitamins, minerals and cleansing antioxidants you’ll find your scalp feeling healthier too, especially if you experience a dry itchy scalp at times.

Ginger taken on its own can help to reduce gum disease, strengthen your teeth and even whiten your smile! Lemon is great for freshening breath too.


So, if you’re a mum like me and have ever experienced morning sickness (sorry fellas) then you’ll know that queasy, nauseating feeling triggered by everything from your friend’s perfume to the smell on the bus giving you that head spinning, stomach churning sick feeling. The benefits of a calming ginger infusion is almost miraculous and can’t be stressed enough, It’s amazing how well you can feel and how much drinking ginger and lemon together can calm you down so you start to feel yourself again. It’s also brilliant for treating vomiting, indigestion and cramps.

So there you have it friends, lemon and ginger tea is the absolute go to for a whole host of ailments and issues that can help you get through the day and even put you in a much better mood.

I hope you enjoyed the article, these are great holistic health benefits that work well incorporated in to a healthy, balanced lifestyle. I’m by no means a doctor and if you have any serious health issues, always seek advice from a qualified medical professional.

To make an infusion or tea, simply follow the recipe below and sip slowly while taking a few quiet mindful moments.

To make a Lemon and Ginger Tea or Infusion:

  • 1 lemon, quartered
  • 1 x 2 inch piece of ginger, cut in to chunks/cubes/slices
  • Boiling water
  • Honey, optional
  • Teapot
  • Mug
  • A quiet moment

Place the lemon and ginger in a teapot, pour over boiling water, allow to infuse for at least 15 minutes, enjoy. You can add honey if you want a little sweetness and that’s also great for suppressing the appetite.

And if you’d like to see me in action talking about this fabulous combination here’s my video on You Tube. Please like, comment, share and subscribe for more recipe inspiration:

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