Relax and enjoy your breakfast

Relax and enjoy your breakfast

As published on Houzz- an app and website that I absolutely love and am totally addicted to, this article about a relaxed breakfast really rings home! Great ideas for a relaxed breakfast

I think the overall message in this article is we should all take more time for ourselves and embrace the day ahead with a good breakfast and personal reflection.  Sometimes that can mean a few simple changes to our interior environment such as the purchase of new crockery or cutlery, maybe a new diet, or the indulgence of something we wouldn’t normally eat.

I’ve always seen the importance in making our interior space one that we feel relaxed in and comfortable with.  Often this means a regular declutter and keeping things tidy and clean.  I know that from personal experience, and a mother who’s a borderline hoarder, that I need clear work areas, a space free of papers, toys and nick nacks! With three kids, I often wake at 5am, just so I can have that free time to myself.  After a refreshing nights sleep, I like to go out for a walk then return with new thoughts, business ideas and most of all a big smile.  Once the kids awake it’s good to share breakfast with them and set them off on a positive note.

Yes, if you are always rushing, then I suggest you take a step back and make time for breakfast. Even if it means waking an extra 30 minutes earlier in the morning.  It will make a difference to your day and give you the energy and motivation you might just appreciate.

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