Perception Is Reality

Perception Is Reality

The saying “perception is reality” is frequently applied to the way or manner every one of us sees our immediate surroundings.  If we consider the glass to be as half empty, we will work from that reality and the glass will consistently be half empty.  This is sometimes referred to as having a lack mentality.  However, if you are an optimist in life and the glass is always half full, then the likelihood is that no matter what is or isn’t, what you have or don’t have, you will always be open to receiving abundance.   Even better still, from a point of optimism and perception, you can create and grow even more abundance simply by believing.

How do we change our perception, even when our bank balance is telling us another story or our love life is feeling a bit lack lustre?  Here’s 4 valuable ways to grow your mind and open up your perspective to a life of abundance and positivity:


The thing about believing is this basic fact, we need to trick our brain.  It may sound alien to you but I’m sure there’s been times when you’ve had to talk yourself in to doing something, like making that presentation at work or asking someone out on a date.  You might have used phrases like, “You’ve got this” or “You’re great, she’ll definitely say yes.”  Well, that’s the same thing.   Practice speaking to yourself as if you already have that great job, that house or whatever you hope to achieve.  When you believe it to be so, the vibrations of your brain will attract that thing you desire and this will have a ripple affect across all parts of your life.

Check Yourself

Monitor how your conduct impacts othersStart by being straightforward with yourself.  Notice how your conduct influences people around you.  How do people respond to you in business and office meetings?  If clients or potential business relations are not returning your calls, maybe your conduct is causing them to feel awkward.  Don’t always take it too personally, but it is important to look at ourselves before we blame anyone else for something.  This isn’t about passing judgement, simply acknowledging how we react to, or approach, certain situations so we can get a better understanding of ourselves and others.

Ask Friends

This is probably one of the best personal and business tools available to us.  Ask others how they perceive or see you.  It takes fortitude to be able to receive comments from friends and colleagues on how they describe you.  The words they use are so beneficial, as we hope they will all be positive and describe your nature towards others.  Those words can be used to rewrite your CV or pitch for that promotion.  If you do happen to receive something negative, detach yourself from the feelings of hurt or annoyance and look at it objectively.  See it as a gift and opportunity to adjust or reflect.  And make sure to ask why, as it will really give you true insight and the perspective you need. 

Implement Those Changes Without Delay

Once you have obtained some fundamental information, make small advancements towards behavioural change.  If you tend to take charge in a given situation, whether that’s at work, home or social, step aside from that ego and let someone else take charge while you take important notes or simply listen.  If you naturally wait and let others take the spotlight, pluck up the courage to offer new ideas and let your voice be heard.  Perceptions won’t change immediately, but you will start to see that others are responding differently and most importantly, you will begin to feel more empowered and confident.

Perception is subjective but if you let go of ego, judgement and negative thoughts, your whole life perspective will grow in ways that you might never have imagined.
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