Turkish Delights with Allegra McEvedy

Using the Turkish Rolling Pin

Turkish Delights with Allegra McEvedy

Gozleme cookingFinally, after many years of trying to get Turkish food well and truly on the gastronomic map of glory, along comes Allegra McEvedy with her new food programme, Turkish Delights, airing on Sunday evenings on the Good Food Channel.

Although I am feeling a little pang of jealousy since I’ve spent a few years trying to pitch this to various TV production companies and channels, I’m pleased for the lovely Allegra as it can only be a good thing.  Indeed, I watched the first two episodes, aired back to back last Sunday evening with admiration and smiles all round, especially at her attempts to master our language and food.

In the second episode she made our very traditional Gozleme (a kind of flat bread with fillings) that wasn’t quite as thin as it could’ve been and her slightly wonky technique with our traditional Oklavi (thin stick rolling pin) made me laugh but the finished product wasn’t to be sniffed at and looked rather tasty!  My image here is of a Turkish lady I spent time with while on holiday this year, making Gozleme.Using the Turkish Rolling Pin

Credit must go to Allegra and the Good Food Channel for putting our food on the map and I look forward to further episodes, wondering where she’ll be next.  As Turkey is such a large country with so many regions all with their own micro cuisine and dialects, let’s hope the programme can capture more of the true essence of Turkey, eclectic, hospitable, big hearted and full of mystery.

For a full listing of all the episodes click on the link below:


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