North Cyprus Trip Recipes – Yellow Plum Jam

North Cyprus Trip Recipes – Yellow Plum Jam

Yellow Cyprus Plums

Here on the Island, we are well known for our wide selection of jam.  To be honest, as long as it’s labelled fruit, we make it into jam.  This includes Watermelon jam (made from the thick peel not the red bit), Orange jam (made from the thick skin) and our famous Walnut jam, made from fresh walnuts picked and soaked before cooking.  When I visited my Aunt Selma in Catalkoy, Girne (Kyrenia) the other day, she handed me an empty bag and led me to her huge yellow plum tree where I was ordered to pick the fresh, ripe and organic plums to take home with me.  I wasn’t complaining but when I got home I realised there was quite a lot to get through.  So, what did I do?  Yes, I made jam!  The kids labelled the yellow plums Apriplums, since they looked a little like Apricots too and had a similar taste.  Anyway, whether you use yellow plums, red plums or a mixture of the two and even some apricots thrown in, here’s a very simple recipe to make at home.  Transfer to a sterilised jar once cooked and store in the fridge to eat at your leisure which I’m sure wont take you long!  I enjoyed mine with a bit of Cypriot village bread, lovely!

You will need:

20-30 plums or a mixture of plums and apricots, washed

250g granulated sugar

Zest and Juice of 1 lemon

A large pot and wooden spoon

A large sterilised jar


Halve the plums and/or apricots, removing all stones.

Put the fruit in a large pot with the sugar.

Making plum jam

Place the pot over a low heat and allow to simmer, removing any frothy bits off the top.

The jam will need to simmer for about 45 mins to an hour, until thickened, sweetened and the fruit has softened.

Tip: Try not to stir too much so some of the fruit retains it’s shape.

Tip: To sterilise your jar, wash and dry thoroughly then put in an oven at 160*C/Gas mark 3 for 15 minutes (not the lids).

Put the hot jam into the sterilised jar/s and then cover with a circle of greaseproof paper then lid.

Wrap some muslin cloth or decorated paper over the top to give as a gift!

Enjoy on toast, with cheese, natural yogurt or just eat straight from the jar!

Cyprus Yellow Plum Jam

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