Hulya Erdal - Chef Proprietor

Hulya Erdal

Founder and Owner

“Growing a business isn’t just about five year and ten year plans, it’s about understanding the here and now, embracing change and just being you.”

Hulya has a wealth of experience in the food and lifestyle market place and is a qualified professional chef. Her career in food has encompassed Marketing, PR, Catering, Lecturing and Journalism. She has specialised in brands targeting women and children such as Del Monte, HiPP Organic Baby food, Yoplait and Tesco as well as ethical causes such as Not in my Cuppa (campaigning against mass dairy farming). Hulya has been a home economist for the Quality Food Awards (QFA) and is a regular judge for the FreeFrom Food Awards. She regularly lectures at Further Education Colleges, and advises on menu development and creation, recipes and ingredients for food brands, restaurants and cafes in the UK and Overseas.

Hulya has made various television appearances on BBC One London News as a Food expert and on Channel 4 on the cutting edge cooking show, Iron Chef UK, where she held two gold stars and was a semi-finalist. She has a team of experts all with a range of skills within the food, drink and lifestyle market and a strong network of contacts.


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Hulya Erdal - Chef Proprietor

Hulya Erdal

Founder and Owner


Christina Bridge

Roaming Gastronome

Audra Emmanuel - West Indian Cook

Audra Emmanuel

Hospitality and Catering Specialist

Soley Mustafa - Food Photographer

Soley Mustafa

Food Photographer

Zeren Wilson - Wine Expert & Writer

Zeren Wilson

Wine Expert & Writer