Fresh Mackerel in Brixham, Devon

Fresh Mackerel in Brixham, Devon

On our holiday in Devon, staying in Brixham on sea with cousins this week. Our kids all went off fishing for mackerel yesterday and did an outstanding job worthy of professional status catching a massive hoard! Fresh mackerel was duly brought back to our cottage where upon purchase of a filleting knife (I’d left all mine back in London) I was able to teach them all the art of filleting, butterflying and gutting fish. It was a great family experience for all of us. Finally, after a quick rinse, son no.2 and I dusted them in a lightly seasoned flour and flash fried our bounty! We enjoyed the fish thoroughly, even the kids, made even tastier accompanied by roasted sweet potato wedges, a fresh garden salad, sautéed asparagus and sweet fire beetroot. Delicious does not cover it! A fantastic opportunity experiencing life living in a fishing village.

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