Cookery Classes, Courses & Workshops

Hülya’s belief ‘Anyone can cook’ is firmly embedded in all of our classes. Whether it’s cooking Middle Eastern flavours, Turkish delights or baking bread, classes are designed to challenge the well established cook and give beginners a wonderful insight in to developing new cookery skills they didn’t know they had! All food and equipment is provided and everything made is either eaten or taken home.

See below for some up and coming classes in London and Essex and if these don’t suit you, then contact us to book a one to one session or with a group of friends up to 6 people, at home or in Hülya’s own kitchen in East London.

Classes are either half a day or evening, or a full day.

If you’re itching to get into the kitchen and start cooking…

Bespoke Classes & Groups

Here’s a little taster of just some of our classes…

Meze Mastery

How to create a delicious selection of nibbles, dips and finger food for the perfect dinner party.


Dining Al Fresco

Think of summer, sunshine and outdoor eating. Fabulous dishes that are perfectly light, refreshing and bursting with colour and flavour. How to create an array of culinary delights for a wonderful Spring/Summer event. There’s even a session on bbq’ing!


Intimate Dinners

Come with a loved one and bond over learning to cook. It could be a partner, friend or family member. Create a fabulous 3-course meal to eat and enjoy with a glass of something special.


Chef For A Day

Cook like a true pro. Learn to present beautiful dishes, how to make sauces, debone, fillet and stuff, knife skills and clever accompaniments. This is an intense whole day course taught by Hulya, a professional chef and former college lecturer.


Afternoon Tea and Bakes

The perfect way to learn dishes for the ideal afternoon tea with friends and family. From clever sandwiches, to small bites and of course, wonderful cakes and bakes.


Middle Eastern Flavours

With roots in the Levant and Middle East, Hulya will guide you through this colourful day full of the aromas of this fascinating region with flavours of sweet and spice. You’ll be cooking a mix of dishes including a dessert, that will keep all tastebuds happy.


The Turkish Table

Growing up in a Turkish household, food was part of everyday life. We laughed, we argued and cried over the dinner table! Friendships are made around a Turkish table, or Sofra, as we like to call it. Come and listen to my stories as we cook some beautiful, tasty dishes from this fascinating part of the world.